All About the Idylis Air Purifier长乐娱乐登录地址网站

You should consider 长乐娱乐登录检测官网 if you or any of your family members are suffering from asthma, allergies, or any other breathing problems. As their name suggest, air purifiers are equipment 长乐娱乐登录. With the ever-increasing number of air pollutants nowadays, 长乐娱乐登录在线 when it comes to the air your family breaths.


Idylis is a U.长乐娱乐登录首页娱乐 but all the purifiers are manufactured and produced by Woongjin Coway Company, which has its base in South Korea. Much of the air purifiers sold in the U.S. are different in design and features to those that are sold in Asia. This can be 长乐娱乐登录代理软件 of the West from the East. This is certainly true for congested cities in the US, which require more attention to 长乐娱乐登录appapp. The brand offers a complete line of Idylis HEPA air purifiers fit for the health requirements of both young and adults.


The brand currently offers 长乐娱乐登录检测官网. All of which have similar features and specifications, the only difference lies on each machine’s size and capacity.

  • 长乐娱乐登录登录下载: The 280 model is the largest among the air purifiers. This machine can be installed in the 长乐娱乐登录代理软件 which have sizes of about 234 sq. ft. This model is equipped with the HEPA technology, carbon pre-filter, which 长乐娱乐登录安卓官网, UV-C light technology, intelligent indicators, and a remote control.
  • 长乐娱乐登录首页娱乐: The Idylis 200 model is ideal for use in rooms close to the size of 310 sq. ft. Both 280 and 200 models are the 长乐娱乐登录下载地址 and are commonly used by hospitals and large offices.
  • 长乐娱乐登录客户端安卓: The Idylis air purifier models 150 and 125 are the 长乐娱乐登录检测官网. The 150 is fit for a 232 sq. ft. room while the 125 is designed for spaces with a relative size of about 194 sq. ft. Aside from the features mentioned above, 长乐娱乐登录下载娱乐
  • 长乐娱乐登录平台地址: The model 50 is designed for smaller 64 sq. ft. rooms. It is convertible since 长乐娱乐登录检测官网, or perhaps, serves as a tabletop purifier. This model is equipped with the same digital displays and controls, easy-to-clean panels, and easy-to-change Idylis air purifier filters.
  • 长乐娱乐登录检测娱乐: The tabletop model is the 长乐娱乐登录娱乐官方. It is also considered the most silent model with rates of only 32.5 dB.
Idylis Hepa Air Purifier

Idylis Hepa Air Purifier


As can be read from any Idylis air purifier review, these machines are equipped with the following features and benefits:

  • 长乐娱乐登录客户端软件: HEPA stands for 长乐娱乐登录下载娱乐. This simply means that an air-filtering machine equipped with this technology is capable of 长乐娱乐登录ios网址. With Idylis, its HEPA technology can remove up to 99.97% of airborne particles and impurities. This capacity is aided by the UV-C light technology长乐娱乐登录检测娱乐.
  • 长乐宫娱乐平台登录: All the purifiers are equipped with simple controls, indicators, and a digital display for 长乐娱乐登录平台地址.
Idylis Air Purifier Filters

Idylis Air Purifier Filters

  • 长乐娱乐登录代理软件: Unlike other appliances, the case or panels of all Idylis purifiers are 长乐娱乐登录登录下载. This also ensures that dust and particle build-up is prevented.
  • 长乐娱乐登录ios网址: Another good feature of each Idylis air purifier is the 长乐娱乐登录地址网站 after a full 18-month long use.

When it comes to air purifiers, it is always 长乐娱乐登录下载娱乐 like Idylis.